Built by HSPs for HSPs

The daily challenges of highly sensitive people are incredibly hard to understand for many non-HSPs. We built a tool that helps instantly in challenging situations and improving long term, using decades of research and experience in the field of high sensitivity.

  • Situation Finder

    Use best practices that already work for others, for very specific situations. Quickly accessible in your pocket, and easy to soak up. Switch from overwhelm to back in control in just a moment.

  • Normalizing Reminders

    Especially in fight-or-flight mode we can forget the simpelst techniques, or even that we are HSPs. And about our superpowers. Let’s constantly feel alright as we are.

  • Best Helping Techniques

    Learn and implement the general techniques that help in many situations. Very little effort, pretty large effect. Reduce overwhelm, restore your inner peace, and live your life as you want.

  • Optional Premium Content

    All functions of HSP App are free to use. Within the app you can find high quality premium content to purchase, if you want to deepen your knowledge and skills even more. This finances the app’s development, hosting, and support.

  • Intelligent Interconnection

    Situations, techniques, videos, sounds/noises, affirmations, podcasts, and courses are all interlinked. Absorb just the amount of info you want right now. So you can save time, and reduce distraction.

  • Experts & Coaches

    Find professional consultants by topic/expertise, language/location, and other metrics.

Highly Sensitive? HSP? What?

Do you often feel overwhelmed by noises, smells, other people’s emotions, everything? To the point where you feel like an alien and can not properly do the things you want to do? Do you perceive much more than others? The smallest details, subtle face expressions, other people’s intentions, and thinking about everything very deeply all the time? Maybe your brain processes more information than the average. And you’re one of the around 20% of the population who are highly sensitive. It’s not a disease, it’s a trait intended by nature. Even in animals you will find the 20%. Many people are wondering what’s “wrong with them”, until they find out about HSP and find a big relief in the fact that many others experience the same.

Not sure if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person or “HSP”? It can be a game changer to know about it. Take the quiz now!

Why should I use an app for this?

Yet another app on my phone? That’s what we thought before deciding to build it: apps are distracting and cultivate the opposite of mindfulness. HSP App is more like a little digital book in your pocket, and you’ll find the exact info very quickly. We hope we found a format that works for you!

Improve Short Term

Benefit by knowing the best practices that already work for others. So you can keep on doing your thing, in your own pace.

Improve Long Term

Implement new ways of dealing with situations into your routines. So you can take control about your life’s design.

Improve Quality of Life

Solidify your knowledge and connect with other HSPs. So you can exchange experiences, ideas and combine strengths.

The Situations

  • There are millions of situations out there all around the clock. We are gathering the ones that can be challenging and provide the best practices as a solution.


  • While every person is incredibly unique on this planet, there are ways to deal with specific occurrences and encounters that work very well for other people.


  • With HSP App you can learn how and why these ways work well, and implement them into your daily life and routines.


  • This way you can increase your life’s quality step by step, and benefit from more clarity, energy and control to do what you actually want to do.

Social Life

Your private life consists of many layers. Family, friends, activities, everything. Let’s enhance all of them!

Work Life

Wasting energy at work trying to fit in does not help anyone. Bringing your extraordinary abilities into the right position does.


We try to cover all aspects of life, so the app can provide as much value as possible to all HSPs out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the app has no cost for users, HSP App is for free. We finance the project through commissions on optional premium content.

Currently the app is working on Android and iOS phones and tablets. There is no pure web version for your laptop or desktop device, as HSP App is optimized and designed as a tool in your pocket.

You have all your data under control. We don’t share your data with anyone. Just what you actively decide to communicate on your own profile and actively share with coaches or other users will be visible for them. So, no spam mails, no calls, no weirdly accurate advertisements on other websites, etc.

Question? Wishes?

Are you an HSP and want to see a specific function in the app?

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    If you specialize in helping HSPs as a coach, you can use HSP App to get listed as an expert on specific topics.

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